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La Prova del Cuoco – Rai1 TV video

La Prova del Cuoco – Rai1 TV video A fantastic one-day experience at the Rai TV studios in Rome for a “Prova del Cuoco” episode, program hosted by Antonella Clerici. The episode was dedicated to the Befana (witch) and of course Triora had to be there. During the show the Campanile Triora and L’Erba Gatta […]

The Wine – Azienda Agricola (Farm company) La Casciameia


The millennial presence of vines in our region is mainly due to the great passion that the Ligurian people have for this crop.

Despite this, there aren’t that many Ligurian wines and cultivating vines often has to take place on small plots of land, using long poles to help the plant grow.

The result is a unique panorama, modeled, as well, by the differences in the strips of land where the vine is cultivated.

Some of the wines produced along the Wine Route are D.O.C. (Controlled Designation of Origin) wines like the white Pigato with a slightly aromatic scent and the dry flavored Vermentino, which is also a white wine but more delicate and fruity than the Pigato.

Produced among the red wines is the Ormeasco, derived from a vine with a sweet, full-bodied and intense fragrance and the Rossese which is a Nebbiolo vine that has a dry, tending to bitter, taste.

Today, we’d like to present a very small, but unique reality, found in the Alta Valle Argentina.

An Azienda Agricola (farm company), run by a beautiful couple, Carla and Adriano, who manage the “La Casciameia” located in Agaggio Superiore, a hamlet in Molini di Triora.

The name “La Casciamèia” derives from the local dialect, which indicated the place where the hay was kept for the livestock.

Carla and Adriano produce an excellent and sincere Ormeasco di Pornassio D.O.C. and a very pleasant E Bunde which is a fresh white wine made from a blend of two ancient native vines such as the Massarda and Moscatello di Taggia. This is a delicate and fragrant white wine that is pleasant and easy to drink.

Carla and Adriano are fantastic and hospitable people; they work their land with passion and commitment; a land that isn’t always easy to farm.

Of course they also produce a wonderful and fragrant extra virgin olive oil made with Cultivar Taggiasca olives.

Oil obtained from high-altitude olive groves, mountain beans and other fruits of the earth.

We’re more than delighted to include Carla and Adriano’s – La Casciameia, among our suppliers of local products.

We’d like to remind you that with a simple call’s notice they’ll be more than happy to welcome you for a visit.

For those of you who’d like to experience some genuine farming and wine-making that’s respectful of its territory.

Thanks Carla and Adriano


Azienda Agricola La Casciameia di Panizzi Carla Via Asplanato, Fraz. Agaggio Superiore, Molini di Triora (IM) tel 0184 475910 – 348 7686160 lacasciameia@libero.it




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Triora Saffron

Lo Triora Saffron

A day with Daniele, Guido and Gavin. A fantastic experience in the company of great guys, willing to pursue a dream.

Above all, experience what makes this dream so fascinating.