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Brigasca Sheep Toma cheese

Toma cheese

and cheese in general, owes its richness to some simple factors such as the raw material, or rather milk and its quality which derives from specific breeds, what they’re fed and their grazing areas, the processing technique and its aging or maturing processes.

Here, in the Argentina Valley, you’ll find cows, goats and sheep pastures.

Pastures that are among the highest in Liguria, which produce excellent raw material linked to traditional “raw” processing techniques.

Some particular toma cheeses and other types of cheese are produced here which, among other things, receive the prestigious SlowFood award, like the brigasca sheep toma cheese

Another product which is now also famous outside the province and Bruzzo, is a ricotta made with cow, sheep or goat milk (or a mix), re-fermented several times, that has a strong and decisive flavor. It’s excellent on bread and tomatoes or when preparing pasta or mushroom dishes.

We practically only use Brigasca Sheep Toma cheese produced by our shepherd friend Nevio Balbis, an exceptional product that gives us a lot of satisfactions.

We offer it

warm from the oven along with onions, potatoes and tomatoes and a sprig of thyme